Traveling into 2018

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“Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny” C.S. Lewis
This image was a perfect start to discuss “forward movement”- my VW motif to take you for a ride into your journey!
As you enter a new year, ask yourself what luggage are you taking with you into 2018? And which pieces no longer serve your journey? Because if we don’t get stuck in control mode, life has a mystical way of revealing much to us. You may be the driver but you need to stop, and make sure your focusing on the journey ahead.
As for moi? Well, the last five years of my journey to this day has revealed many stark truths, primarily within the relationships dynamic. People that I thought were fair and respectful instead were biased, manipulative and mean. The folks that I thought were oblivious revealed themselves as, not only interested in establishing a relationship with me, but also have become my great allies and supporters (and vice-versa). Even though the realm of relationships has been a bumpy and messy road, my steadfast ways revealed who my true friends and family are! I also believe that my commitment and tenacity to my personal development has paid off. For many years, I worked very hard at learning and setting boundaries and breaking through outdated familial and societal conditioning. So, I don’t feel immodest to share that I deserve to have healthy relationships. I not only feel excited about my new relationships, personal and professional, but also about some people that have come back into my life. Both new and old relationships are about deepening in 2018- it’s about quality versus quantity.
The most rewarding relationship I have established has been with myself.  And, even though I continue to learn through experiences, I’m no longer afraid of looking at aspects of myself that were once seemingly daunting or shocking. When I identify an outdated mentality or belief, I don’t judge myself; I just focus on shifting what needs to be released. Shifting and readjusting is all we can do on our journey to authentic living.
When you establish a healthy and close relationship with yourself you can weather anything. My experience has been that when you like yourself overall, even when your triggers arise for example, you’re foundation is unshakable. You are flexible and compassionate, but unshakable.
Another important aspect about establishing a healthy relationship with yourself is not yearning for validation and approval from others. Let me specify here- it is very natural to want belongingness and support from others, but not a constant need to live by people’s expectations of you.  Therefore, to live a rewarding and fulfilling life is the ability to realize that you can choose what is appropriate or not, regardless of your upbringing, age, society and culture.
Most times, deepening a connection with yourself comes about through suffering and hardships. Don’t fret and keep moving forward if you encounter suffering because you will glean such self love that it can only then shine light to others, as you set an example. 

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