To Be Conscious or Not

Palace of Diocletian by Sandra Rojo
Many humanistic and existential theorists supported the importance of human beings as having the consciousness to choose for himself/herself.  Think about it: the individual’s freedom to choose their life by discovering their unique authenticity within the framework of life around them. That’s you! And so, the question arises what is it to be free? Or who is free? And are we truly free? Whether we like to admit it or not, we are constantly influenced by our family, society and community at large. We are a combination of where we live, and with whom we live… including our subjective experiences.
How we become more authentic or true to ourselves IS by becoming aware of our existence. Not just the existence that inhabits waking up, washing, working, going to the gym, preparing food, having sex, etc. Existence is the awareness that we have a choice because we have consciousness and it gifts us the potential to tap into our authenticity.
The existential psychologist Rollo May writes, “Man (people) is the particular being who has to be aware of himself, be responsible for himself, if he is to become himself” (May, R.).
What choices are you making now that will have consequences you may not like in the future? What fears are you not facing that are keeping you from being truly free? What are you denying about yourself in order to move forward in a more positive deliberate way?
We all want to be true to ourselves. We all desire to live authentically. We are so fortunate to live in the western world where we indeed have choices… and that in itself is, freedom!

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Rollo May (1983). The Discovery of Being. (1st ed.)
Image: Palace of Diocletian- Split, Croatia

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