Tired of Dimming Your Light?

Tired of Dimming Your Light?

Have you ever felt like you needed to dim yourself around others, or maybe you were around someone that suddenly got into a bad mood when you gained attention?

Jealousies do exist and when you grow up with a parent who was either jealous of you, or unhappy with themselves, and maybe put you down when you did access attention from others, you quietly exited the stage. 

One reason you slowly retreated is because you consciously or unconsciously felt you were a threat to those people. Instead of learning to respond impersonally and energetically stand your ground, you learned to dim your light. 

Dimming your light means that you really don’t let your true self be seen. Instead of allowing yourself to expand, you contract and hide.

Here are a few reminders:

  1. Your value doesn’t come from others.
  2. Your light is yours, period. Nobody can steal, borrow, replicate, clone or copy it. NEVER. Your light is irreplaceable and irrevocably yours.
  3. No matter how much effort others make to extinguish, control or criticize you, just keep showing up. Shine your light because God gave it to you. Then refer back to #1 reminder.

Why is it important to shine? Because when you dim your light, you lose opportunities for others to recognize and invite you into life. And that my friends is a lot to lose. 

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~ Sandra

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