The Goofy-Door Whisperer


“The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live” – Flora Whittmore
I have always loved interesting and beautiful doors and when I have a chance to photograph them, I do.  Most of all, doors provoke mysterious and curious feelings in me that remain tucked beneath my consciousness, until I see a door that reignites my passion for them. Kind of like when the monotony sets into our daily life, it has a way of burying our true passions until we are jolted into remembering our journey to living authentically and purposefully. Suffice it to say, Doors to me are very symbolic and they have a way of metaphorically, storytelling. Doors are not only physical entrances and exits to brick and mortar structures, but mystically they represent openings and closings to and fro other realms.
Doors are closely related to thresholds, portals, passageways and gateways and it is no wonder that the Greeks had a god specifically for doors: Janus. Janus is the god of doors; of beginnings and endings, changes, transitions, doorways and duality. He is usually depicted as having two faces with one face looking at the past and the other face towards the future. It is no surprise that the month of January is named after this god- new beginnings, new year.

When I encountered this Spanish Colonial door flaring boldly in red, I couldn’t help but take notice. In fact, the color red symbolizes passion and new beginnings. The red door was opened and unapologetically enticing me with conversation and I was intrigued to hear its story. So, as the, “goofy-door whisperer” that I am I listened.  The red door spoke of new beginnings and it asked me what, if any zest, I was bringing to life? It asked me about what doors in my life needed to close so that I could enter into a more purposeful way of being in the world? Also, the door whispered that I not forget my heritage.
A door isn’t “just a door” that we close, slam or keep ajar. They are Portals that help us transition from one place into another. From where we were, to where we are going; past to present. So next time you see a door, I invite you to stop for a moment because you just may hear it’s whispers…its stories. What messages are being given to you about your life? What symbolic door are you fearful of closing and why? If you do open a door, what’s on the other side? What changes are you reluctant to make, but remain in ambivalence? Because as the saying goes, “when one door shuts, another opens.”
I look forward to photographing more doors and sharing their stories….
Be well, Be Blessed Fellow Travelers!
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