Take the Journey from Self-LIKE to Self-LOVE


Last week I wrote about liking yourself. Now, let’s talk about self-love. 


To genuinely love yourself, you really need to like yourself.  


What I mean is, you cannot act from love if you dislike who you are. Disliking who you are likely will not get you closer to loving yourself. 


You may attempt to love yourself more by shopping or searching for others to give you value, for example. Yet again, constantly seeking outside resources for your self-love will only lead you to an endless pit of dissatisfaction.  


It takes more than searching for self-love on the outside. Becoming aware that self-love means to hold yourself in high regard, even when you’ve made a mistake or didn’t handle people or situations perhaps in the best ways. And at the same time, it means striving to have a higher standard of integrity. 


To love yourself is like any other relationship where you want to connect and bond. All of this is a process; it’s a practice and not a destination 


In eutaptics® FasterEFT™ we learn to work through and heal from trauma, abuse, and other limitations to step into our life more authentically. Hence when we live from this state, we discover genuine self-love.  


I invite you to experience liking and loving the self as a verb, because a verb is an action and state of being. 


Here are a few suggestions on your self-love journey: 


  1. Focus on your strengths 
  1. Do things that support your overall wellbeing 
  1. Experience gratitude for who you are and who you’re growing into 
  1. Surround yourself with optimistic people 
  1. Feed your mind, heart, and soul with joyous or positive things 


Tapping Affirmation: “I’m falling in love with all aspects of myself” 

Give this a try and really let these affirmations sink in for a few days. See how you feel and where you feel it. Is it in your body? In your heart? In your relationships? 

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