Simple Tips to Overcoming the Overload


“It’s not information overload, it’s filter failure” Clay Shirky
I always think of the Titan god Atlas who was punished by Zeus to hold up the world after he led an eventual failed battle with the Olympians. When too many things pile up for me, I feel like Atlas carrying too much of an overload while my upper back screams, “HELP M-E.”
It’s not just physical tension but also energetic overload.  We can feel overloaded by all the demands, obligations and even….how shall I put it,  unnecessary crap.
So, let’s be honest it ‘aint always easy to manage the overload and it’s root cause.
One of my preferred ways to get out of the rut is to MOVE my body through some exercise because I can feel life breathing back to areas otherwise neglected.  Exercise by the way, does not have to entail running a marathon or bodybuilding for two hours to experience relief from the energetic overload.
Additional & Simple Tips I Find Helpful:

1. One thing at a time. Multitasking creates anxiety- if you find yourself doing too many things simultaneously, stop and refocus! 

2. Do something calming like Mindfulness or deep breathing.  

3. Staring outside the window. I call this “staring into the abyss” and while I’m staring at really nothing, somehow my mental state relaxes with a nice deep pleasurable yawn. **I’d love to hear from anyone who finds benefit by “staring into the abyss”  

4.  Stop surfing social media … put the phone down or get away from the computer and maybe indulge in #3 tip  

5. Go hug someone  (who will hug back and longer than a second). Over time, hugging will boost your immune system and increase serotonin (the feeling good hormone)  

6. LAUGHING. This one is one of my favorite energetic balancing tools! Especially when you can let-it-all-out with a trusted person. The safer you feel with someone the more enjoyable the laugh  

What is one way you come back into physical and energetic balance?
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