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“When we start to feel anxious or depressed, instead of asking, “What do I need to get to be happy?” The question becomes, “What am I doing to disturb the INNER PEACE that I already have?” – D.T. Suzuki (teacher)

All that we are searching for is inside us.

We are the love, the peace, the ANSWER.

And, we are also the sadness, the blame and the guilt. When we realize this, we are no longer victims.

When we operate from the realization that everything we are searching for is inside of ourselves, we come yet to another realization and that is, we have learned both unhealthy and healthy behaviors and thought processes.

What choices are you making that move you towards healthy attitudes and growth? If not, when will you chose differently?

Keep in mind that perception may or may not be real. Just because we perceive something doesn’t mean it’s true.

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Image by Sandra Rojo- “The Peaceful Moment” The convent of Santo Domingo, Qorikancha. Cuzco, Peru

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