Reminiscing A Lifestyle

Reminiscing A Lifestyle

The other evening as I dined alone listening to one of my favorite pianists, Ludovico Einaudi, it hit me…

The longing for my Italy. 

I was transported back to a life when I experienced a profound presence. People do life together in more enriching ways than many people here in the USA. 

Around me then was a more spiritual presence of curiosity, daily awareness of gratitude and beauty. That stillness that says, “slow down. Enjoy. Don’t work so hard. Just be.”

Dad used to say this to me. Because he watched me during his last years when I chased my goals, sometimes stressed with “the trying to…”(fill in the blank). “Daughter, slow down…” he’d say it with such gentleness. 

Today, I realize more than ever that I’m bringing that Italy-life feeling and experience back. I am living life differently. 

I don’t chase, I attract. I don’t allow people to control me, I stand up. I don’t betray myself anymore, I honor.  

And, I still love regardless of the pain I sometimes encounter.

What do you want to bring back that you lost along the path, or that you thought you didn't need anymore, but want back? 

Find yourself friends. Live seeking beauty. 

Slow down.

Your Heart Matters too!

~ Sandra 💜

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