“Remember….” By Ysolda Dee

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Remember …
When things are going wrong for us – who wouldn’t look for a way to fix them.
It’s absolutely legitimate to look for a fix – and there are so many “experts” out there who promise you  “more positive thinking will fix your life!” or “I’ll tell you the secret that will fix your life”
Yet sometimes none of these  “fixes” seem to work, none of them seems to bring the promised salvation. How about you? They didn’t work for me.
And how about things going wrong on a more collective scale? The problems we are facing as a species, as humankind? Which secret will fix, what cure will solve them? What kind of thinking will make global problems disappear?
In one of my favorite books,  “Inanna Returns” by V.S. Ferguson, things are going very wrong for the gods themselves, for a Pleiadian  goddess called Inanna and her family. Actually, things were not going, not moving any more at all. Once the gods had “played and created effortlessly” now there was no growth, no success, “no spark, no motion, no flow“ any more.
The gods were completely stuck. They felt they had been left powerless. They felt they were not evolving any more.
They reached out for help, cried for a fix, they even called on the Council of the Inter-galactic Confederation, to ask what was wrong. The Council told them that their powerlessness was the consequence from not paying attention to some cosmic laws.
Inanna’s family couldn’t believe this. They pretended they didn’t know what the Council was talking about. They doubled their efforts to get rid of the blockage they called The Wall. They even held a huge ritual of offerings and sacrifice – but nothing happened. The Wall wouldn’t dissolve nor evaporate nor disappear.
Utterly despaired, they called on the Council again. They were told to go home, sit down and remember … “REMEMBER!!!” the Council said and once they had remembered, their problems would be solved, the problems would go away.
So what did the gods have to remember?
What do we – collectively, as humankind – have to remember?
What would you and I – as individuals – have to remember?
I suggest we remember:
who we are
where we come from
why we are here
where we are bound to go
in short: our true nature
“Our true nature” most probably would include things and issues such as that
we are part of a larger coherent  “whole”. There are laws according to which this larger “whole” works. There are cosmic laws – the Cosmic Ma’at as the ancient Egyptians called it. It was the Cosmic Ma’at (Inanna’s family) that didn’t obey and because Cosmic Ma’at also applies to the laws of an Earth-bound Ma’at – defining life on Planet Earth, and defining human life. Without Ma’at, a society becomes uninhabitable. One of these laws would be: we are not completely “free” in our decisions. Our decisions and deeds have consequences for all humans, even for the animals, and for the whole Planet Earth.
Remember: who are you? What is the prevalent force within you? Where does this force come from? Where are you bound to go? – Remember: your true authenticity.
Remember: are we single, independent beings who are meant to just carry on, regardless how this might affect other beings? Or are we parts – of our marriage, our family, and the society we live in? Are we parts of this Planet Earth and parts of the Universe? Considering this: what are we supposed to do? How are we supposed to act? Where is mankind bound to go?
It’s all there, stored, engraved, encoded in your cell memory. Stored, engraved, encoded in humanity’s collective memory. Just tap into it, just tune in. It’s all there for you.
And when you feel you need someone who fixes something for you – look out for someone who rather helps you remember by tapping into that memory bank and discover your authentic self.
Here at Journey to Authentic Living Sandra Rojo and her team do just that. They help you empower yourself. You may just want to contact Sandra for a free consultation. 

Ysolda Dee is a frequent blog contributor at JTAL. She is a mythology enthusiast and writer. She lives in Germany. 

For more contact information about Sandra and Ysolda, contact: sandra @j-tal.com 

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