One of my life soul sisters that knows my life’s circumstances called me and said, “I’m beginning to think you’re the queen of transitions and,  I don’t know how you do it because you do it very well in comparison…”

I don’t always know how to move through it myself. I can say that I have a great modality that facilitates greater insights and changes for the better. I have a faith that facilitates a deeper relationship with God to listen to His wisdom and direction. I have a group of close friends that support me through the unknowns and hardships.

As we move through life with our endings and beginnings, deaths, and rebirths, those are not the full story we must submit too. Because whether we like it or not, agree or disagree, endings will happen without our permission. So, when we view endings as phases that propel us to moving forward, albeit a different direction, we will discover that our mindset also accommodates that change.

I invite you to experience endings, deaths, and closed doors as opportunities to get you where you need to authentically go, and where you need to focus on for the next phase in your life.

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