Persistence and Commitment


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Einstein wrote, “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know”.

Einstein’s quote applies to all aspects of life and one aspect I’ve been applying his quote is towards healing myself. Because through the years and as I age, I non-judgmentally realize that there is always an aspect for all of us to heal, some nuance of an issue to resolve or some trigger to be reviewed. Like one piece to a puzzle connecting to the other pieces.

Personal development is a life long journey and I’ve been on mine since a teenager; experimenting with different strategies, therapies and reaching keener levels of awareness- all for the desire to make the transformations needed to gain more wellbeing, and to overcome suffering and as some would call, “the sins of the father”. Just as science proves we inherit DNA from our ancestors, we also inherit familial conditioning and not all of it benefits us. That means, we need to look within to change those negative behaviors. Persist!

Life long journey doesn’t mean “overcome today/ do it now! /Get over it” paradigm. Rather, the journey is a PROCESS that leads not solely to self-transformation but also leads to additional “selves” that live within us that require attention.  Life long journey is no doubt a commitment we make to ourselves that no matter what we will persist to heal and resolve.

Our triggers, suffering and so-called idiosyncrasies are paramount to what has NOT been resolved within us, and quite frankly, within all the relationships we’ve been in and still are.  Ask yourself how you relate to people? How do you relate to yourself? Be honest.

I do not express myself from a negative stance or discouragement, loss, suffering…. but from a calm steadfast manner. I realize that in all my years of personal development humility, commitment and persistence have been my friend and they have to be yours as well in order for you to gain emotional intelligence. This is my encouragement. To persist with your resolutions because it is only through persistence and commitment that will transform and heal.

When we are open to change, there is only to gain. There lies a gift to the world that resides inside of you and only YOU know what that gift is you give when you resolve and transform. Imagine the magnificence that resurrects from the hard inner work you’ve overcome? Imagine the light within you how bright it shines to the outside?

Encouraging you to Live Authentically,

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