No Mistakes

No Mistakes

Many people beat themselves up when they think about a poor decision they made. Have you ever done this to yourself? Well, the truth is, most decisions look different after we’ve made them. It’s not as if we intentionally go into a situation or relationship thinking “Geez, I know this is a mistake but I’m going to fall into it anyway”. 

We do the best we can with the resources we have. If we've made a decision that ends up benefiting us, we consider it a good one. But, If we’ve made a decision that has a negative consequence, then we label it as a mistake.

My dad had an outside the box perspective on “mistakes”. He believed that although we didn’t get the outcome we wanted, it ought not be necessarily considered a mistake, rather an experience that provides opportunities to learn about ourselves. Furthermore, so-called mistakes can be life experiences that help us identify what truly matters and directs us to what we do want.

I may be biased but I think my dad was a brilliant man. He was someone that enjoyed great conversation, and enjoyed listening to others and their life experiences. In this next video, I share a snippet of dad’s outside-the-box thinking about mistakes.

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