New Seasons, New Shifts

New Seasons, New Shifts

Hello Friends,

Have you ever pondered the notion that with the advent of new seasons comes the closure of past ones? Just as seasons signify shifts, so do our ways of living and interpersonal connections.  We find ourselves compelled to embrace change, whether it aligns with our desires or not. 

I’ve undergone numerous transformations, and have even grappled with the realization that to uphold my integrity and dignity, I had to release everything that hindered my progress. There are certain fundamental principles that my parents instilled and I use those as a guiding light through some dark times.

When you are overcoming your past season, Let go of activities and habits that distract you from what you can create.

Cut out the noise from people that negatively project onto you, or think they know the truth of who you are.

What I have learned this past year:

  1. If you know that you’ve put heart and soul into people and projects no matter what happens remember you fall back on you. You’re the one that poured all that love into it. That’s all that matters.
  2. You’ll lose people you thought were closer to you. 

What I keep practicing:

  1. I still love people even if they don’t agree with me
  2. I keep standing up for my values - and for myself!

Learning to accept:

  1. Some people you thought had empathy don’t
  2. Projecting without asking questions hurts people.
  3. People don’t ask enough questions

Be ready:

  1. To be misunderstood. If you’re deep thinker- this is inevitable
  2. Truth comes with a price, but it doesn't betray

What Matters;Truth. 

  1. Integrity even in the face of adversity 
  2. Being yourself. If people cannot handle it, move on. There are plenty who are waiting for YOU
  3. Never compromise your authenticity 
  4. Tenderness in ALL relationships. 

Love to All,
~ Sandra 💜
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