Letting Love In 💜

Letting Love In 💜

When you think of letting love in, what comes to your mind? 

When I think about letting love in I cannot help but go to my desire to be vulnerable. 

I’ve always had this belief that if I was vulnerable, meaning sharing my honest thoughts and challenges I overcame or overcoming, that I’d be received in the space of at least, being seen for who I was.

And, that if I was seen for who I was, then others would also let their guard down

But, I discovered that my openness wasn’t always received with an open heart.

Throughout your life you may encounter people that are unable to open their hearts to greater love.  Past trauma and abandonment if not healed carry over decades and into all relationships.

For me developing the wisdom to choose those with whom I share my vulnerability has been a process of maturation. Regardless of the response, I remain confident that I have given my heart unconditionally – a fundamental aspect of staying true and authentic.

~ Sandra 💜

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