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Jessie MaguireJessie Maguire

Jessie is a professional freelance writer who worked as a complementary therapist for 6 years and is very passionate about all things health and wellness. She now writes and ghostwrites for various private clients. Jessie will be sharing some of her experiences with JTAL and some of the life lessons she gleaned.
Where are you from/ home of origin (country)?
I’m from the U.K. I spent most of my early life in Yorkshire. Then I moved to the Southwest of the U.K. to live by the sea and was there for six years. Around six years ago, I relocated to Bolivia, South America.
By relocating to Bolivia, how has your lifestyle been positively changed?
Everything in my life is different here. Lifestyle-wise, it´s slower. Nothing moves as fast as it does in the West. And after a while, that pace becomes your pace. The benefits can echo out into the rest of your life, as you can learn to enjoy and relax into going with the flow—rather than beating the flow on the head with a stick!
When you were a full-time massage therapist, what was the one (1) reoccurring problem you heard from clients?
Stress and anxiety were the most common reoccurring problems I came across. Many women were worried about their family members. Both men and women were under a lot of pressure at work.
I found that these issues were mirrored in their bodies, and manifested as muscular tension in specific regions like the neck and shoulders. Some chronic problems developed due to ignoring physical problems or overusing specific muscles at work or at home.
In your observations, what prevented your clients from managing that problem?
Perhaps a lack of self-love or a generally stoic attitude. Procrastination! A lot of people didn’t have access to the kind of therapies they needed, or weren´t looking hard enough. This sounds harsh, but most people give up before they have tried even a small percentage of the options out there.
Most of the time, it´s essential to find the root of a problem using diagnostic techniques. From my experience, there´s a solution to every problem within an alternative or a conventional therapy. Sometimes you have to be very brave to find it.
What did you learn from client’s problems?
That we all need to look after ourselves. We need to appreciate and be less hard on ourselves. We need to work on our emotional issues, our spiritual health, and understand who we are. We are all uniquely and fantastically different. Also, don´t take anyone´s crap!
When you (Jessie) find yourself stressed, what is a habit/ritual you do for self-care?
I seek out some of my favorite therapies. I go for a massage, I take time out to read. I watch funny or inspiring videos or movies. I try to remind myself that life isn´t just about achievement. It´s about happiness and enjoying the things we do. If we have stopped enjoying something we are involved in, maybe there´s something wrong….
You mentioned doing Hatha Yoga, what do you like best of this specific practice?
It brings me back into my body. I am a very mentally-inclined person. I love to solve problems and move ahead in my work life and emotional life. I love to uncover the truth about everything. But I forget about my body sometimes, and the simple pleasures of a relaxing yoga class, meditation and deep, long breaths.
Any suggestions, in general or specific to our readers about how to practice more self-care?
You are special. Don´t waste your life on anything that doesn´t make you happy. You deserve better, and you´ll die content!
It´s easy to get distracted by people around you, the things you see on TV or even your own musings—but writing down what you really want or working with someone who can help you define and achieve a beautiful life is where the magic happens. Don´t settle for a mediocre life, you deserve to have your cake and eat it.

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