Finding Inspiration

Hello Friends,

It’s been awhile since I have reached out. The day-to-day has kept me pretty busy, and when I’m focused on several bigger tasks, I sometimes don’t feel inspired enough to write blogs or do videos. Have you experienced this?

Years ago my inner critical voice used to think that I was lazy or inconsistent with becoming inspired. But then, upon observation, I realized that my inner critic was more about disrespecting myself. How? I didn’t understand how I operated within the context of inspiration, thus, I judged myself. Understanding who I am has relieved me from a lot of negative nonsense. 

What I’ve discovered is that it's a matter of understanding how inspiration operates within YOU, rather than comparing yourself to what society or some writer guru or book says in order to activate inspiration.


Understand that your mere awareness of wanting inspiration has much to do with being present and surrendering any expectation that you will be inspired. This process can sometimes take days, maybe even weeks.  

What can you do while waiting to be inspired:

  1. Slow down. Inspiration is not directed, it’s channeled. Give yourself a break and move your body. Walks, exercise, kayaking, preparing healthy meals, socializing, etc…

  2. Notice the inner critic. Notice the limiting messages, and then use FasterEFT™ tapping to calm the criticisms (remember to shift from focusing on problem to something else as you tap)

  3. Enjoy life! Inspiration is gathered by a number of experiences

Find YOUR way of receiving inspiration within you. Remember it doesn’t have to be a big revival of ideas and striking insights. Sometimes inspiration comes when you're in a phase of evaluating the direction of life, and sometimes it has to do with recalibrating your values and what’s important to you- that in itself is not only a reminder but inspirational!


mo·joa seemingly magical personal charm, power, or influence over other people

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