How to Live Joy in Suffering

How to Live Joy in Suffering

In my experience happiness is short-lived. It’s an excited state of being without any solid foundation and can be knocked over by any negative thought or person. In other words, the bubble is easily bursted. But Joy? That’s a different state of beingness. 

Joy is intrinsic.

Like everyone else, I’m not immune to emotional pain. I experience disappointments, doubts and grief.  But, by cultivating a meaningful life, I have found joy even in the midst of suffering, much like gratitude. So like any other endeavor, you must practice joy. 

I experience joy like subtle calmness and contentment; a deep well inside me flowing outwardly. It’s not evoked by things or people but more of an empowered position from living authentically. 

You see, joy is purposeful and when I’m traversing a painful moment, I focus on what really matters to me- YOU (my audience and my work). You bring joy and fulfillment to my life because my purpose is to serve. I cannot imagine a life without being of service. This is joy to me.

You can bring joy when you’re in the midst of suffering

Here a few life hacks to bring more joy in your daily life:

  1. Unplug and go into nature. Being present among the birds and the trees is like an emotional detox. By moving your body under stress and emotional pain boosts your endorphins (hormone)

  2. Spiritual Life. This one is a hot topic for me because it has been a constant since childhood. This is a place of sanctuary and refuge for me. It’s also tied to #5 (Purpose). 

  3. Socialize. Spend time talking to people who encourage you and vice versa. Fellowship with people that are invested in you brings you joy in your low moments.

  4. Music. Dance or sing to your favorite tunes. I sometimes sit down and play old songs of the past and sing out loud to myself. I use all my senses as if I were on stage. Dancing and singing are great defracs (pattern disrupt).
Find Purpose. It doesn’t have to be a total life change to find purpose. Purpose is not just what we bring to life, but HOW we do life.
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