How Mythology and Authenticity Merge

Journey to Authentic Living Blog contributor: Writer, mythology enthusiast and ancient wisdom keeper, Ysolda Dee (pen name) facilitates her unique gifts by directing them through timeless mythology, giving the reader concrete examples of how to live more authentically. She lives in Germany.

​Some people ask me how mythology serves in today’s age. Let me begin by stating that many books have already been written about how mythology and archetypes serve human beings and these pieces of literature go into deep interpretation and analysis. Experts such as the late Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung and Jean Shinoda-Bolen gifted us more than insights but concrete ways to understand even our own unique myth through mythology.
Science has produced many great things, such as discovering the secrets of life on a molecular level. Myths on the other hand, hold the even deeper secrets of life: how the Divine and the life energy expresses itself. How the different aspects of life-energy interact, and how the Divine develops within us as humans.
A person may represent an archetype or a special kind of Divine energy, which, by the contemporary main stream would be considered “wrong” or “useless.” This person then may be inclined to undergo a complete change in order to fit in, and repress his or her original type of life energy.
Let me give you an example: someone may by nature be a musician, which would represent the mythological archetype Apollo’s gift and energy. Yet, this person might want to fit in and instead go for a career in the financial sector, leaving Apollo behind. The energetic costs for this person would be immense. But, living his/her own myth, though, would be like tapping into a source of power and energy.
The idea that there are numerous mythological gods, and a variety of them, provides us flavorful expressions of life-energy to express itself. These mythological archetypes enable us to accept, acknowledge and approach our own life and it’s variety of situations with courage, hope and perseverance, to name a few. We are not here to judge how people live, nor judge our own life, but rather express ourselves authentically without repression. Experiencing life though our divine selves and evolving by living our own personal myth is empowering!
In what ways do you repress your authenticity? How can you express your inner myth? When you were a child, who was your hero? And what qualities did they have that you might have mimicked?
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