Happiness Alone is Not Sustainable… But I’ll Tell You What Is





People want to have endless happiness in their life. I mean, think about the time you invest - financially, socially, and personally - all for happiness.

Happiness is one of those words that in my opinion cannot be maintained alone because it’s ephemeral, meaning short lived. Hence, I prefer words like satisfied, purposeful, fulfilled. 

Your purpose is sustainable. Satisfaction is maintainable. To live fulfilled is a lasting achievement. 

These words and definitions transcend happiness; they are the next level to a more enriching way to live. 

Part of living a fulfilled, purposeful life is also about having and meeting goals. Afterall, working towards improving our life with actions is totally appropriate to our wellbeing. 

However, being strictly driven to setting and meeting goals may deceive us. If we’re not careful, just the process of that may take us down the road of crazy cluttered lists instead. Thriving off checking the boxes, rather than the purpose behind the goal, oftentimes has an opposite effect. All of that could instead lead us to experience stress and dissatisfaction. 

During strategy calls with potential clients, I ask a series of questions. One I like to ask is what they’d like to change in their life. Snuggled in between their answers and issues, seems to frequently exist the reason and the driver. 

The driver is the belief that living purposefully is equal to a to-do list of things to achieve; and the reason typically has to do with pressure from society or community. 

It's no wonder that people may have stress, low energy, and depression. All in the name of keeping up with everyone else.

Applying eutaptics® FasterEFT™ to overcome limiting beliefs about happiness, achievements, actions, and goal setting will enable a more authentic turn around for you. Helping you discern what is worthy and important to achieve a more enriching, purposeful and satisfying life.

Join us every Tuesday from February 28-March 28 for our Interactive Happy Journal Workshop. It’s the weekly training you need to learn how to purposefully piece together pages and pages of joyful thoughts, feelings, and memories all in one place. More than anything, it helps you feel happy and peaceful more consistently. This training is just one step closer to living the life of your dreams. 
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