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​Dear Fellow Travelers,
One of my main social media platforms is Instagram. I have been discussing with my beautiful community over there about shining one’s authentic self and thought provoking -ways to override those fears. I would like to share in a blog, some of that dialogue:

Coach Sandra: Yesterday, I touched upon finding your unique potential. Today, I invite you to look at yourself as if you were gazing upon a horizon. What beauty do you see in yourself? Or what beauty are you discovering by your gaze?
Observe as an outsider and see what authentic self is calling out to shine? To be recognized, but has failed because of your own fears? The Horizon has promises, yet do you believe you can live with more fullness and experience yourself as authentic, regardless of circumstances? The horizon is clear and inviting can you take a chance and override the fear.
Fellow Traveler Jen: This really makes me think Sandra. We can definitely learn (and choose) to be authentic regardless of circumstances. However, being our true selves can result in consequences, as not everyone in our world can accept authenticity, and would prefer we put our masks back on or shove us back into the box they are most comfortable with. We can be our true selves and lose a few in-genuine (disingenuous) people in the process, or we can people please and lose our true selves in the process. #beyou #betrue
Coach Sandra: Thank you Jen. I am inspired to expand because of your response. The provocative question: When will we begin to confront our fears when it comes to being authentic? The above contemplation that our fellow traveler Jen states is one that we all wonder.
Coming into our authenticity IS empowerment!  Yet at the same time, it may be that some people in our circle will feel threatened by our true selves, feel jealous or “unlike” us. But mostly it is because they don’t know what to do with that new person they see. After all, they experienced your masked self that hid them from your true self. Sometimes, their inauthenticity provokes a shock that they cannot handle, perhaps because it is a brutal reminder of their own unauthentic self.  Jealousy derives from the same root; a reminder of what they think they cannot attain because of their un-awakened state; they crave it themselves, but are indecisive, and insecure.  
Nonetheless, you are a mirror each and every time you show up real as you are, humble yet strong. The outside person who glances in the “authentic/real” mirror can either see the threat, or the opportunity to transform his or her own life- either way you’re a catalyst. Each and every time we chose to live correctly by our true nature and not from fear, as in the case of people pleasing and molding ourselves to others, we thrive. We have the possibility to be a role model, but this role modeling is NOT the end goal and would not be beneficial. And frankly, is not authentic because then your authenticity would be attached to proving something to someone. Authentic self stands on it’s own independent of others.
To be continued…..
™Sandra Rojo

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