Faith ~ Surrender not Strife

Faith ~ Surrender not Strife

"Faith is the result of surrender not strife”- Bill Johnson

You cannot hold two concepts at the same time; faith and disbelief and expect a healthy outcome. 

To have and practice faith has many definitions. One of my definitions is to absolutely know (without evidence) and to trust that there is a solution/resolution/outcome to a situation or event. Since my faith is rooted in God, I trust that He will guide and direct me to the where, how, and what I need to ensure that the outcome will be the best for me (and hopefully those involved). 

You cannot say you have faith and then worry that your outcome will be disastrous. This tells me that both the conscious and subconscious mind are misaligned and in contradiction. If you don’t change this contradiction in you, then there will always be conflict and strife. This is when the great tool of FasterEFT™ is applied in order to identify the belief that keeps you from having faith. 

A key element to all of this is the art of surrender. I teach my clients that surrender is a vital step after establishing the choice to have faith or belief for the best possible outcome. 

Allow me to give you an example: 

When I was recently caring for my ill mother, I was very worried about finding a caregiver to assist her while I had to return to Oklahoma, because during this time we didn’t know how long she would live.

While making calls to different caregiver agencies, I noticed myself in anxiety. I decided to use both prayer and tapping so that I could calm my central nervous system. I remember after a few rounds of tapping and asking myself questions, I realized that the crux of anxiety was not being able to provide my mom optimal care. I tapped on any resistance to “knowing” that God would give a solution (and that He wouldn’t abandon me). I also tapped on any distrust I experienced about myself to accomplish what I needed to.

When I calmed my body, I was then able to choose my attitude, and I chose to believe that everything was going to work out. 

As the days went by, my mother began to decline more rapidly. We all knew that she expressed wanting to die and 4 days before my flight back to Oklahoma, my mother died. 

By surrendering to the unknown and tapping on my worry, eventually it did all work out. My beautiful mother got her wish and I did give her optimal care; it was me that took care of her until the end. It was me that helped her die - and nobody else took that position.


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