“Even When I’m Watching from the Back Row, My Attitude is Always Front Row Seating”


In life you sometimes don’t get the attention you think you deserve. You get passed up for the promotion at work, or the goal you had in mind just didn’t get accomplished...If you step back unemotionally and observe from a wider perspective, life indeed gives you a clearer view. 

My attitude is geared to find solutions, not entertain problems. I think because of this attitude, I’m able to face whatever challenges are in front of me head on.


If you find yourself having days filled with dissatisfaction or negative attitudes, maybe it’s time for you to reflect on how you really want to see yourself in the future, your direction, and commitments. 

With what attitude are you approaching your daily life? 

What area can you grow more resilient? 

What I’m about to say might seem controversial, but here goes: trash the “be positive” attitude!

Let it go. It’s not a cure all. But while you let that go, do embrace and practice a “resilient attitude” more often. 

When you understand that resiliency is extremely powerful, more powerful than simply ‘being positive,’ then by practicing that attitude it’s inevitable optimism will weave itself in.


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