Celebrating Life

Celebrating Life

One of the great teachings in eutaptics® is, we are taught to celebrate life by keeping our good memories.

When we use FasterEFT™ to update our negative and traumatic memories, inevitably our perspective changes. And, when our perspective changes, our mindset follows.

To achieve effective change for a better life requires perseverance, effort, and determination to heal the painful patterns that keep us from living fully and celebrating life.  You must make a conscious decision and a daily choice to choose this for yourself.

Nobody said that it’s easy. Nobody said that changing your perspective about all the trauma is effortless- it’s nothing of the sort. But I promise you one thing: when you keep cleaning up your patterns, you’ll discover a completely renewed mind. You’ll discover this beautiful person emerging, the YOU with a purer and forgiving heart. You’ll notice all the good and abundant support and love around you.

It’s not that you didn’t deserve support or love before, or that you’re unworthy. It simply could be that you didn’t believe in yourself. And, from personal experience when you work on healing patterns and limiting beliefs, it’s a glorious phase.

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