Allow Space to Happen

“Honor the space between no longer and not yet” – Nancy Levine 
Allowing space between one thing that you’ve let go of or no longer believe without immediately endorsing another is important for many reasons. Grabbing for something else rarely allows time for a new way of “being” to establish. Nor does it allow you to see who you are NOW. We need time to process our experience and only the emptiness we find ourselves in allows for that to occur.  I mean, how will we know what is authentically us, or how will we know we’re living authentically if we are on the constant need-to-hold-on-to-something mode?
Grabbing for a new belief just for the sake of holding on to something because you “think” you are better off with something/someone than to remain unsure and empty. But, is it life threatening if you’re unsure about something? Think about it, who are you without certainty? Like, would you behave poorly with others? Would you abuse yourself if you were unsure about a belief or idea? I don’t think so, right? 
The low-grade anxiety, nervousness or boredom that arises from so-called emptiness are great teachers. They give us clues to our inner world. A suggestion I have that I, personally have found helpful during more transitional and “in between” periods – is to find ways to be creative. Maybe use this time to clear out things in your physical space, get organized or get more exercise. And how about just hanging out with life?
It’s perfectly ok to not know and be unsure about things. Be an explorer and see what arises within you as you bring more self-awareness to the uncertainties in life. Sometimes when we are uncertain we actually live more in the present moment and this is very good in that living in the present enables us to experience all the nuances of life. 

Written by Sandra Rojo
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