“It takes a long time to become young”- Pablo Picasso

Now in their mid- 80’s my father and uncle still thrive. This photo was taken after a nice swim in the pool.

These men never stop learning, absorbing literature and current events with curiosity. They both have the latest iPhones and know how to use modern computer technology and apps. In other words,  they’ve never fell behind modernity because of their age. Their ageless. 

Like most of us, they’ve had their hard times and as immigrants in the 1960’s challenges were present, but they pressed on because living their dream was important to them. When one wants something bad enough, one finds ways to push through any circumstance that may hinder one’s path.

I’m certain that one of my dad and uncle’s motto has been: study hard, work hard! They not only talked about it, they were living demonstrations that learning is a life-long endeavor. When we gather together, the conversations are enriching and vibrant. I love to hear their childhood stories and what they endured in their country and in America.

Dignity is of the upmost importance to these two men and I feel blessed that they instilled a value such as dignity in me. So I praise my father and my uncle for providing their children some very essential life values that have only enhanced free-thinking, free speech and personal accountability.

True Pioneers!

What healthy values have you embraced by your elders or care givers? 

Encouraging You to Live Authentically,
Coach Sandra

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