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Mindset Matters with Sandra

"I MATTER" 12-Week Transformation Program

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"Transform 'I wish' into 'I will' with the 'I Matter' Program!"🌟

Mar 6 - May 29
6:00 - 7:30 pm CST USA

Tapping Dates
Mar 9 - May 25
11:00 am - 12:00 pm CST USA

Facing Challenges with Boundaries? Struggling to Voice Your Needs?

You're not alone. Many of us find it hard to navigate the delicate balance of honoring our own needs while caring for those around us. But what if you could live a life where your boundaries are respected, your voice heard, and your well-being prioritized?

Introducing the "I Matter" 12-Week Program by Sandra Rojo.

This isn't just another self-help course. It's a transformative journey designed to empower you to:

  • Assert your boundaries without guilt.
  • Express your needs with confidence.
  • Harmonize your values with your actions.
  • Find balance in putting yourself first without neglecting others.

Imagine a Life Where...

  • Saying "No" is not just okay; it's empowering.
  • Expressing your needs is liberating, not a source of anxiety.
  • Your confidence and spirituality are in perfect alignment.

Why "I Matter"?

  • Tailored Guidance: Sandra Rojo brings years of expertise to lead you through each step of your journey.
  • Community Support: Connect with peers who share your aspirations and challenges.
  • Practical Tools: Gain access to strategies and insights that foster real change.

✨ Embrace a Life Where You Matter

Ready to transform your life? To stop compromising and start living with purpose and joy? Join us on the "I Matter" Program.

Enroll now to begin your journey toward personal empowerment and self-discovery. Let's redefine your boundaries, reclaim your voice, and prioritize your well-being together.

👉 Register NOW! 

 Limited spots available – Secure yours today and change your life forever.

Program Details:

👉 Comprehensive Workbook: Delve into a carefully crafted workbook filled with insightful lessons, empowering exercises, and personalized assessments. Learn the art of establishing healthy boundaries, and conflict resolution, elevate your power, break free from limiting beliefs, and implement positive affirmations. Uncover the power of understanding your core values and applying them for consistent personal growth.

👉 Transformational Learning Modules: Gain exclusive access to two 90-minute live Zoom calls per month, where our expert coach, Sandra, will guide you through in-depth teachings and practical applications. These sessions will provide you with the tools to recognize and break free from subconscious patterns that hinder your journey to a purposeful and joyful life.

👉 Goal-Setting Mastery: Learn the art of effective goal-setting to propel yourself toward success. Sandra will guide you in creating realistic and inspiring goals that align with your newfound understanding of self. Sandra will be with you every step of the way, offering mentorship and guidance within our private Facebook group.

👉 Doing Life Together – Group Activities: Experience the power of community as we travel this journey together; because doing life with others on the same journey is supportive and engaging.  We’ll have group exercises that reinforce your learning and provide a supportive environment for growth.

👉 Emotional Intelligence: Learn to establish healthy boundaries, master conflict resolution, and elevate your empowerment. Improve your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to navigate life's challenges with grace and resilience.

👉 Private Facebook Group: Connect with like-minded peers on our exclusive private Facebook page. Experience the power of collective growth through weekly 1-hour live tapping sessions, fostering support, and building meaningful connections. Engage in Q&A sessions, benefiting from the wisdom of both Sandra and your fellow participants.

👉 Mentorship with Sandra: Receive personalized mentorship from Sandra within the Facebook group. Sandra's expertise and guidance will amplify your progress, providing you with the support needed to overcome challenges and embrace your journey toward self-discovery.

👉 Membership: Access to our private Facebook page—a safe space for sharing experiences, seeking advice, and celebrating victories with a supportive community.

👉 Live & Recorded Exclusive Videos: Access to exclusive videos from Coach Sandra, offering additional insights, motivation, and encouragement. These videos will be tailored to address the unique needs and challenges faced by the program participants.

👉👉 SPECIAL BONUS: As a participant, you'll also have access to one private text per week (Monday-Friday), where I give you a personalized message, words of encouragement, and/or a special affirmation created just for YOU by me!

Don't miss this opportunity to INVEST in YOURSELF and declare, "I Matter!" Join the "I Matter" 12-Week Transformation Program today and embark on a journey towards a more purposeful and joy-filled life.

Don't miss this opportunity to embark on YOUR journey of self-discovery and empowerment NOW!

Payment plans are available through the website Shop Pay application and usually through your individual PayPal accounts.  Internal payment plans are available as follows: 525.00 x 3 months (includes a small service charge).  Military discounts are available.  Please email us for a special discount code.
PLEASE NOTE: These are live interactive group events through Zoom. They are recorded but not available for replay, so please plan to attend.  If you would rather not have your image recorded, feel free to click off your video.  This is a combination of eutaptics®  FasterEFT™ and other concepts and 

Limited spots are available! Reserve your spot now by clicking below.  


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